Wednesday, June 24, 2009

End of Year Celebration~ Friends

When the Lupine mamas got together to plan our mid-June end of year celebration for our kids, our goal was to provide a feeling of completion for the year we had together, and a celebration of friendships made. Here is what we came up with...

The kids all painted tiles, and are to sign them as well. These then will be taken to the local ceramics shop to be fired. They will all be displayed in a mural somewhere in our garden, so each child that was here at Lupines for this year will have a spot on our Lupine Wall of Fame ;)

The unfired artwork

Friends painting their tiles in the warm sunshine

Another painting corner and more friends

Creating great art work

Friends~ Mackenzie and Kasey

Friends~ Lisa and Alison
Lupines is not just for the kids!

A grand summer time potluck
Lupine moms, send in those recipes....let's see, we had the Bowl of Yuminess for the kids, (and a few moms) the raw peach pie for the moms (and one dad), and since we were so full of dessert, we tabled the ice cream making for our first summer camp day. There was much more yumminess as well. We did have a good lunch before all the desserts came out !

Friends~ A year together complete...
(this photo to go into a frame that each child and teen decorated in addition to the tiles)
A very full and satisfying day.

Now, for summer fun!