Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Party Homeschool Style!

Our annual Homeschool Lupine Halloween Party was as grand a success as ever! My family has so much fun planning and sharing this event. Thanks to all the Lupine mamas and senior kids who helped pull it off!

While the seniors are in the Haunted Dungeon preparing for the haunt, the moms are helping the junior kids with a couple of fun Halloween crafts. This year, we made beaded saftey pins in Halloween styles; a goofy frankenstien and jack o lanterns. Also, on the table for the kids to create were glitter skulls. They are gorgeous (for skulls that is ;)! Thank you Martha Stewart for that craft idea.
Our Halloween helper moms you see here are the pumpkin witch and cupid. Otherwise known as Wendy and Bonnie. (And Karen too!)

The spider web maze
Each child follows their colored yarn through the maze the giant spider spun - up, down, around, in and out they go to find the prize at the end of the web.

A princess pirate follows her spder web yarn.

After a Halloween potluck lunch complete with eyeballs, fingers, dragons blood punch (deviled eggs and carrot sticks and cranberry juice) it is finally time to go into the Haunted Dungeon! Here Vida helps the kids into the tunnel that will lead them  down, down, down into the dark dungeon where fiends (I mean friends) await them.
Screams of "Can we go in again?" are what we were met with when they were done.

At the end of the day the seniors come out of the dungeon to see the light of day. (Too bad some of them removed their costumes before we got the photo). What a great day!