Friday, October 29, 2010

Not-Back-To-School-But-Back-To-Lupines Gold Rush Camping Trip

September, 2010
For our annual Lupines not-back-to-school-but back-to-Lupines camping trip, we set off for the Gold Rush Country. 

Last years camping trip was at Memorial Park and was such fun. This year a few of us decided to head for the hills. The Gold Rush hills.

For our Gold Rush experience we choose Marshall's State Park in Coloma. This was not the rustic camping experience we were expecting, but it was literally right across the street, walking distance from all the history of the time frame we are planning to study this year for 4th grade history.

When Jeremy was in 4th grade, I never did manage to get him to the Gold Rush Country. I know we did many other rich and valuable activities, but I still feel a bit guilty around that. Sigh.  Do you ever experience parental guilt?

So, Kasey gets it right on time, and Jeremy, in the 8th grade gets to soak it up as well. Better late than never, as they say.

Kasey and Anna step back in time. Love the expression on their faces!

 We had some great adventures on the water of the American River. At one point, all six of us were in an inflatable boat made for four, floating down the river shooting the rapids (we had assessed the severity of the rapids before we made this attempt) but it did get a bit rougher, than at least I imagined! We got very wet, had to bail water out of the bottom of our boat with our gold pan saucers (those pans are so useful!) on more than one occasion and were hoarse from screaming, yelling and laughing. At one point, when we were stuck on a group of rocks and were bailing water furiously, I looked up to see several kayaks going by us with looks of....surprise (horror?) on their faces. Ha! At least I knew they were keeping an eye on us. Wink, wink. When we finally paddled to shore to play on the beach for a bit and have a lunch of everything left over from our camp...there were cries form all of us..."Let's do that again!"

Kasey and Anna soaking up the sun

Jeremy and J.D. rigging up some contraption

Gold Panning

Learning to pan for Gold (and Garnets too!)
Oh boy, did it feel good to have our hands in the cool water. It was hot, hot, hot!

I wonder what our camping trip will be next year?

Next up: Our first day as a group back to Lupines!

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