Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homeschool Mamas Planning Meeting -Update

The mamas of our teen kids (our 'seniors') met yesterday to plan out our year a bit more. It was a great meeting with lots of ideas and sharing of skills. We now have September through December mostly planned out with a few spots to fill in with detail, as well as the rest of the year roughly sketched out.

The seniors will have a teacher to work with half day for the rest of the year. Starting with film making for the months of September through November, they will make a film from start to finish. Come January they move into a movement class with a trained Waldorf teacher for a six week block of games and movement. Next, I am going to look into a drama teacher with the idea of  putting on a Shakespeare play come spring.

For the seniors afternoon block, the parents jump in. They will prepare for our annual Halloween Haunted House in the months of September and October with the help of Lupine Dad extraordinaire David. December will bring us just a couple of weeks of holiday fun and then  moving into January we have sketched out some classes such as : Poetry, Shakespeare exploration, entrepreneurial-ship and moving out into the community more. (We are not sure what that is going to look like yet but it is a seed we are planting to see what grows)

Stay with us to see what develops as we grow along with our teens and strive to create a learning environment which meets their needs, and ours too!

I will continue to post not only records of our days, but updates to our planning and community happenings. We are currently looking for teen boys to join us on our adventure so if you are interested contact me HERE.