Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Heat Wave!

It was hot, hot, hot last Monday at Lupines. So, what better way to start the day than to make fresh lemonade. Alison brought boxes of lemons for us to share. Thanks Alison! As everyone arrived those lemons were cut and juiced. Many hands went into the making our yummy lemonade. But...we cant drink it must go into the fridge to get nice and coooold. We got to enjoy it at the end of the day with snack. 

The seniors making lemonade and laughing ALOT. What did they put IN that lemonade?
Surprise heat waves call for the slip and slide to be brought out of hiding from the attic. 
While the seniors made lemonade, the juniors had a blast getting good and wet before circle and game time. Towels please!

Esther has been leading junior circle and game time in the mornings this month. She is a natural! Here, they are playing clapping games to the count of threes; a great way to learn your multiplication tables, and fun too. You should hear these kids giggle. Great work Esther!

After lunch, the juniors worked on another felting project. Hot days are good for wet felting, as we got to sit under a shady tree and dip our hands in soapy, splashy water. This project is from the book "More Magic Wool" by Angelika Wolk-Gerche. So many terrific projects in there!  This is a seasonal tree which can be decorated with colored tufts of wool each season. Today, they made the bare tree with branches. Next week they will decorate it for spring. When summer comes along they can remove the felt in which they used to make their spring tree and make it a summer tree, and so on.....a family heirloom! 

The first part of the seasonal trees

The seniors project was to make a castle out of clay. They each first drew a castle on paper to get their creative juices flowing. Then they broke up into two groups and worked together to begin. I hope to have photos to share next week of their (hopefully finished) medieval castles.
The seniors also continued to work on their pine derby cars, the homeschool pinewood derby race is coming up May 7th.  And John was here as well to work with the kids more on archery (still no arrows), rod fencing, and this week, they added rope climbing. 

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