Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun

We continue into the month of October with our wonderful kids. The weather is lovely, so we enjoy the warmth as we know it is on it's way out. Here Esther leads circle with the juniors as they choose their knitting projects for the beginning of the year, or finish up their current ones.
Kasey is finishing her crochet purse, Ben wants to start a ball, Maia..what are you working on?

The woodworking continues as well..the kids learn to use a cross cut saw. They were very pleased when they made their last cut and that block of wood fell to the ground. Ku-chunk!

The juniors are doing a short weather block and are decorating their wind vanes. We just got through a rather large storm so we had a good time talking about the wind and rain we all just experienced. Too bad we didn't have those wind vanes finished last week to enjoy in the storm!

The seniors continued on their Renaissance art history, and are seen here working with David on a solar water heater. I love to see the great master minds at work. We can all enjoy the heater with our pool next year.
As this is going on, we are working on the Lupine Haunted House and Halloween Party at the end of October. Stay tuned...

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