Saturday, May 9, 2009

Completed Projects: Castle and seasonal trees

I am behind on my posts, life being so full of events and vacations. Here are the fabulous projects the kids have recently finished.

The Castle

Here it is, the seniors finished medieval castle. Isn't it a beauty?
It took four Monday mornings to complete it. They became so engaged with it, we couldn't stop them. Literally.

And here we have the finished seasonal trees made by the juniors. And the lucky seniors, several, who have said "The juniors get to do such fun projects" get to make their own trees this week. By the way, I have heard the juniors say the same thing about the senior projects. Oh, the grass on the other side....

It will soon be time to change these spring trees to summer trees, with fruit bearing heavy on the tree branches.

Soon to come, photos of our Pine Wood Derby and Medieval Games Tournament

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