Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medieval Games Tournament, May29th 2009

Here it is, the big day the the kids have been training for with John since March. Shields in hand, the kids arrive. Each contestant made thier own shield in order to get into the mood of it all (and they do make great decorations).

Here we have Mackenzie and Julie in the rod fencing competition; looks as if they are listening to John's instruction for the event. Who got the point?

Can you see the javelin that Andrea just threw at the target? The camera caught it in mid air! The target by the way, was a watermelon on a hay stack. Julie nailed it first try!
Jeremy is posed to hit the target....will he hit it?........Oh! so close.

Katelyn, Sarai, Olivia and Andrea during rod fencing warm ups.

Onlookers, Kasey and Elena. Kasey had a grand time building fairy houses during the quiet moments of the game.

The final ceremony.
Everyone received a metal, as all participated in each event. Good show squires and knights!

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